Why This Site Is Different From Others & I Ask For Your Prayers

Hello everyone,

This site has been online now a couple of weeks or so. I honestly thought it go faster than it has. I trust the Lord will help me with the site. I really have a deep desire that God would use this site to lead others to Jesus and encourage fellow believers.

I ask for your prayers because the devil is tormenting me and making me question my salvation. I’m just a young adult and it can be so difficult to keep going on sometimes. Please pray for me. I am no better than anyone. My good friend and sister (who I won’t mention her name here) has been praying for me and her family has been so nice to me. It means so much.

I wanted to say too that this site is different because I am not a Bible teacher. I am not a college student, or of high status or anything. I just wanted to create this site because people need to hear how to get saved before they can believe on Jesus alone to be saved of course. I also want to encourage fellow believers who are down.

I cry too. I know what its like to have no text messages, no phone calls, just God and His word, Hebrews 13:5, Romans chapter 8. I don’t want anyone’s money, I don’t want praise, give Jesus any praise if this site helped you at all.

Man, life can be so tough. Never give up and if you are reading this, please share this site with someone if you feel God is leading you. I am not perfect but I just want people to know about Jesus free gift of salvation and hopefully maybe give you encouragement.

I mean this.. I love you! Jesus loves you too!

And hey, I pray that all of you reading this, the Lord would comfort and help you today 🙂

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