You can’t quit. You can’t give up.

One day someone who needs to hear this I believe will read this. I want this to be known to you whoever reads this. You are reading the words typed by a young man in his early-twenties, who is no better than you. He is scared to drive and is single, among other things. But one day this man, just like you, if you are saved, God will deliver.

I know what it feels like to try to be loving to others and them ghost you. There is only other than God a handful of people that even talk to me. I know what it feels like to look at a bottle of pills, to wonder how much it would hurt. But I am here to tell you that you are reading this for a reason. Jesus loves you. Don’t give up! The Lord loves you.

I have been a believer since I was 12-13 years old (can’t remember when exactly I first got saved) but what bothers me is most “Christian” sites are just like YouTube channels. Keywords, fonts, all kinds of stuff just to get views. That’s not the goal here, and you can keep your money, buy yourself something nice. I don’t want it! I just want you to first get saved, and then be encouraged. That’s all.

If you aren’t saved yet, I encourage you to read the how to be saved post on this site.

Don’t give up. Jesus will help us. He loves us! 🙂

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