And YOU Keep Pushing, And Keep Going… Never Stop!!

Listen to this, if you are saved, you already are a child of God.

Who cares what others think of you? Because of Jesus blood on that Mercy Seat in Heaven, you already are clean and perfect in God’s sight.

Queen Elizabeth? Xi? Trump? Biden? LeBron? – You might think you are less than even these people, who are seen as leaders, but you and me, we are children of God. Children of God. Children of God. Let that sink in!

Dust yourself off, get back in the Bible, forget your past, trust in Christ to get you through it. He will deliver you and me as well from all of our troubles.

Read Psalm 34 and 56 I believe as well if you have time, they helped me over the past week or so. Of course use the KJV because the other versions change God’s word and they are copyrighted. The KJV is the real Bible!

And if no one else tells you this today, I LOVE YOU!!! You are important and you are awesome too! Jesus loves YOU!!

Again, LOVE YOU!!! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “And YOU Keep Pushing, And Keep Going… Never Stop!!

  1. Thanks Samy, I appreciate you very much saying this. I will pray for you and you have been so helpful to me by visiting the site, as not a lot have really yet. I just want you to know that I really do appreciate your help and taking your time to visit this site. It means so much to me, and I am not just saying that. We are supposed to encourage each other and help each other as believers. You have done that for me so thank you. I’m so grateful that you found this site! Thanks!! πŸ™‚


    1. It’s good that you are here too Samy. This site is unlike any Christian site you will ever see, I genuinely care and I want to see people get saved. I want others to be encouraged. I don’t know exactly how you found my site, but you commenting here and helping me by just reading this is such a blessing to me.

      I mean this, really. Thank you. It means so much!


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