Tortoise Poem

Tortoise and the Hare

There was a turtle,
Who had a lot to bear,
The enemy telling him he was useless,
A loser who could never beat the hare.

He lived with the torment for years,
Hiding in his shell of shame,
Filling his heart with tears,
Crying out to the Lord,
Is this a game?

He decided to keep going,
Even though he still was still hurt,
Kept those big feet flowing,
Even when every step turned into dirt.

Give your burdens to me,
And I will clean up the debris,
Just trust in Me,
And I will set you free.

The turtle for once saw,
That He wasn’t a loser after all,
I give every step to you Lord,
For you answered my call.

We all know how the story ends,
The tortoise stands strong,
The hare takes a careless sleep,
Then the tortoise defeats,
Not only the hare who was past,
But also the people who are surprised,
The tortoise came first to the finish line.

For as long as I can remember, I have been like the tortoise at the beginning. I’ve worried about everything for so long and it’s really affected me.

Don’t let yourself be down. Remember Jesus blood is on the mercy seat in heaven and so our salvation is secure. God loved us enough to send Jesus here to take care of our sin problem and He has purchased us with His own blood.

Jesus loves you! 🙂❤✝️🙏

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